Thrift Karma

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Разработчик ronda polhill

Welcome thriftocrats! Thrift Karma is the first all-in-one mobile app created exclusively for you and your unique shopping journeys.....and powered by thrift store shoppers. Thank you for allowing us to serve you with this fun and useful app!


A unique mobile space to create shareable stories about what you discover during your thrifting journeys! It bends to your needs as an on-the-go thrift store shopper to add as little or as many details as you like about your one-of-a kind thrift finds!

•Snap PICTURES so you can review later, brag about the latest relic you discover or snap selfies of yourself trying on the relic. Add to your fun by choosing exactly the color you want to quickly doodle or add text to your relic pics!

•Set the NUDGE reminder so you never forget to revisit and learn more about the relics you discover at a time that’s more convenient for you!

•Enable COMMENTS on relics you share so that, in addition to receiving pick up or pass up votes, you also have the option of receiving comments from your sidekicks!

•Enable BUY IT CHATS, private in-app messages, on relics you share as a simple way to let your local sidekicks who vote ‘pick up’ know your relic is available for local resale without feeling sales-y!

•Select a PURPOSE for the relic and feel good about keeping to your thrift shopping goals while minimizing your clutter, reducing waste and avoiding buyer’s remorse!

•Save in FOLDERS you can easily name, rename and delete. Manage your relics and enjoy easy access!

•Locate INVENTORY: When your relic is considered resale inventory, noting its physical location is an uncomplicated way for you to know exactly where you can find it when you need it!

•Awaken your 3RD EYE to get in on the fun of recommendations. Not sure if you should nab that jacket and your sidekicks arent getting back to you quick enough? Just ask your 3rd Eye if you pick up or pass up that relic!

•GET VOTES by sharing your relic with your sidekicks in the Thrift Karma community and on your favorite social networks. Give them the chance to see your relic the moment you find it, share their opinion and to help you decide: Should you pick up or pass up?


Your thrift store shopping is now more fun and social than ever with people near and far!

•Choose SIDEKICKS from among your favorite family and friends…who are die-hard thrift store shoppers, of course!

•Create SIDEKICK GROUPS, for the times you need a simple way to collaborate privately with certain sidekicks or you want to share your relics with several sidekicks you know at once! Its like creating your own custom thrift-store-loving communities!

•PENDING SIDEKICK REQUESTS lets you know a fellow Thrift Karma member wants to connect with you!

•INVITE SIDEKICKS via text message to join the Thrift Karma mobile community as well as your friends on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Increase the number of your enthusiastic sidekicks by inviting those who love shopping at thrift stores as much as you do!

•MY VOTING HISTORY shows your latest opinions and comments about relics you have recently voted on for your sidekicks!


•Enjoy transforming your routine shopping trip into cool thrift store shopping experiences!

•Plan a NEW JOURNEY here in your special place and save info about an upcoming thrifting or resale event you don’t want to miss!

•Use MAP THRIFT CALENDAR, your exclusive one-tap calendar mapping of your journeys so you can organize and plan for your generous, earth-friendly donations, and epic, all-day thrift store shopping events... while saving time and gas!

•Search THRIFT STORES NEAR ME, your instant guide for quickly discovering local brick-and-mortar thrift and resale stores near your current location


Tips, tools and information so you can master thrift store shopping like a pro!